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Tree surveys & reports with Oakfield Arboricultural Services

Here at Arborpro Tree Services we use a professional company called Oakfield Arboricultural Services, they come highly recommended and have been fully vetted to carry out the necessary work.


When you’re building a property or managing land where trees grow, you can be faced with a range of problems. Do the trees have Tree Preservation Orders? Are the drains affected?


Is there likely to be a restriction on mortgage lending or insurance premiums because of the proximity of older trees? Tree surgeons can certainly advise you about pruning and felling, but with Oakfield we offer a complete arboricultural service with accurate CAD format plans and detailed reports all tailored to suit your needs.

Looking for a fully insured and qualified tree surveyor? Based in Norwich, Norfolk, Look no further we're here!

Oakfield Services provides a comprehensive and cost effective service covering all arboricultutal issues form BS5837 planning surveys to tree work applications:


  • BS5837 ‘trees in relation to construction’ services

  • Health and Safety audits

  • Individual tree assessments

  • Mortgage reports

  • Tree preservation orders

  • Hedgerow advice

Oakfield Services:

We deal with all technical issues relating to trees specialising in BS5837 planning surveys and health and safety audits. Based in Norwich, Norfolk, we provide a UK wide service with clients based all over the UK. Get in touch with us today and we will be happy to offer you the benefit of our expertise and years of experience with tree management

Tree Surveys and Reports today!

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